Grosse Pointe Bars

Grosse Pointe, MI is an enchating city with a very charming and beautiful landscape. This modernistic city has a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy. In accordance to that factor, you will find a lot of different places for you to eat and drink at in Grosse Pointe. When it's time to feed and unwind with some good food and drinks, Grosse Pointe is where you want to be. There's a lot to be discovered in this quaint little town. The list of businesses below are places that have gotten really good marks from our party bus and limousine customers. Find out what Grosse Pointe has for you from the list below. Or, if you're more of a wanderer, we can roll through Grosse Pointe until you find something that piques your interest.

The Hill Seafood and Chop House

(313) 886-8101
123 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

The Hill Seafood and Chop House is an elegant restaurant with a fabulous array of gourmet cusine for you to feast upon. In addition to them having all kinds of surf and turf for you to pick and choose from, there's also a really good drink menu here for knock the edge off. They have everything you could possibly want from beer, to wine, to mixed drinks and cocktails. Treat yourself to a fantastic meal at The Hill Seafood and Chop House.


(313) 343-8800
17051 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Marais is a superior culinary experience that your taste buds must encounter. Marais was dubbed Hour Detroit Magazine's restaurant of the year. With great reason, the minimalistic yet flavorful menu items are to die for. The also serve champagne and a variety of other kinds of drinks. Serve your tongue the finest and have a meal at Marais in Grosse Pointe.

Village Grill

(313) 441-0400
16930 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Village Grill is a cool bar and grill with a nice inside and outside dining area for you. They serve all american food such as burgers and fries and they have really good appetizers particularly the nachos. Village Grill also comes with an extensive beer list for you to thumb through. Take everyone you know to the Village Grill when seeking a reputable sports bar ang grill.

Blufin Sushi Bar

(313) 332-0050
18584 Mack Avenue
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

Blufin Sushi Bar has so many different things for you to choose from. You'll find all kinds of sushi rolls, appetizers, entree's and much more at Blufin Sushi Bar. Blufin Sushi Bar also has a nice array of spirits for you to sip on. They have warm sake, sweet and savory wines as well as a nice beer selection. When looking to dine on fine delicacies make a stop through Blufin Sushi Bar.

Green Zone

(313) 332-0559
17008 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI

Green Zone is an all natural pizzeria for those looking for a healthier eating experience. Green Zone makes everything with the most fresh ingredients available and has a nice array of options to play with. Green Zone tavern brings you food and drinks in the healthiest way possible. They have a nice amount of local and craft beers and a zesty wine selection as well.

Rockefellers Oyster Bar and Grill

(313) 626-5000
15402 Mack Avenue
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Rockefellers Oyster Bar and Grill is a refined eatery that's available to cater to all kinds of tastes. They have chicken, pasta, soups and many more items that we can't fit in this space. The drink menu is rather remarkable as well. They have beers, wines, and well drinks available for you to make your own concoctions with. Enjoy gourmet cuisine done right and eat at Rockefellers Oyster Bar and Grill.