Port Huron Bars

Port Huron is a one of the best cities to visit in the metro Detroit area. With the sparkling shores of Lake Huron nearby, there's no better place to enjoy some natural beauty! No matter the season, there's always something to do in the area of Port Huron. This place is known for having some fantastic breweries to check out as well as some top notch restaurants and bars if that happens to be up your alley. Not to mention, there's also some great festivals and parades to check out if you happen to be looking for something family friendly! Here are the best bars and restaurants in the area.

Gord's Bar

514 S Water St
Marine City, MI 48039
(810) 765-4306

This bar has a really unique and interesting atmosphere, but it's your average, basic, and very fun hole in the wall bar, where you can enjoy great drinks, and good times. A lot of drinking goes on here, and there are a lot of regulars. But yeah, I dug it, it was cool, fun times.

J J Knapp's Bar

67126 Gratiot Ave
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-2498

We had the most amazing servers here, they were really really good looking, and I mean really good looking. We also had a really great time here eating what I would call top of the line bar food. Great experience, really great it was awesome.

Sassy's Norway Bar

8823 Avoca Rd
Kenockee, MI 48006
(810) 324-2263

When I first came to this little quaint, but cute bar, I was glad to enjoy some great drinks, and was really happy that I was surronded by so many friendly, kind hearted, and inviting people. The staff is really great too, very friendly. I will definitley be back.

Emmett Lounge

3132 Main St
Emmett, MI 48022
(810) 384-6934

This is your typical, fun loving, cool cocktail lounge. The people are really nice here, and they are also very eager to serve a beautiful gal like me great drinks. I had a lot of fun here, can't wait to come back.

Mr Z's Palace

601 Burnell Rd
Riley, MI 48041
(810) 392-3070

This place has two major pluses, the wait staff and the burgers, and both of those are great!! This place also has extremely fast service, and the food and drinks are still good, even with that fast service. All in all, great stuff, I had a great experience here.

Penalty Box Sports Bar & Grill

80874 Main St
Memphis, MI 48041
(810) 392-2990

I had a great time here with my buddy having beers and I won a bet. We bet on a hockey game, and I won; it was really really great. No complaints here, just really amazingly great times with fun people, and winning!!