Belleville Bars

Belleville, MI is a quaint city with much charm and fun to offer you. This city is just below the infamous "thumb" of Michigan and is very close to one of the great lakes. What are you looking for? Fine Dining? Great Drinks? Nightlife? Well rest assured that you'll figure what you're tying to while in Belleville. There's lots of cool spots that are guaranteed to leave you overwhelmingly satisfied. See the best of Belleville, MI listed below. This list was compiled from raves and reviews that have come from former passengers of our party buses and limousines. Go over what's available to try to form an idea of what you want to do while you're in Belleville. You'll be surprised to find what this city offers.

Egan's Pub

(734) 565-2557
396 Main St
Belleville, MI 48111

Egan's Pub is one of the most preferred bars and grills in Belleville. Wake up your taste buds with the alarmingly delicious food and drink options on their extensive menu. There's a wide array of options for even the most diverse range of taste buds. Delight yourself and your friends with a great time and take them to Egan's Pub. You'll be dying to go back for some more of what they have after you leave.

Johnny's Grill on the Lake

(734) 699-1777
146 High Street
Belleville, MI 48111

Johnny's Grill on the Lake is an American eatery with lots of good food and drinks to rave about. Johnny's Grill on the Lake offers the perfect combination of sports, drinks and dining to every patron who comes here. On top of selling great products everything they bring to the table has a very affordable price tag. Johnny's Grill on the Lake is great for lunch, dinner and sports night. When you want a nice cold one while yelling for your favorite team take a trip to Johnny's Grill on the Lake. You'll be very happy that you did.

Bayou Grill

(734) 697-2300
404 Main St
Belleville, MI 48111

The Bayou Grill gives you a taste of Bourbon Street right here in Michigan. This bar and grill serves soul food with a french creole twist which leads to intriguing and flavorful menu options for you. The charm of this restaurant makes it a uniquely popular eatery. Put a spicy spin on your dining experience at the Bayou Grill. You can't go wrong with this great restaurant.

Dimitri's Country Kitchen

(734) 699-7555
11511 Belleville Rd
Belleville, MI 48111

Dimitri's Country Kitchen is great meals for you if you're looking for a place that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dimitri's Country Kitchen is inspired by deep southern roots. With that being said, everything you dine on here will be fresh and very flavor filled. Take a trip to Dimitri's Country Kitchen to find out just how zesty the dishes are here. This restaurant is a refreshing response to your average eatery. Everything is prepared to where you'll get a real kick out of your meal. Discover the south without leaving the north and dine in at Dimitri's Country Kitchen.

JT's Pub and Grub

(734) 992-3556
41111 E Huron River Dr
Belleville, MI 48111

JT's Pub and Grub is a hidden gem located right here in Belleville. This eatery brings food, drinks and music right to you. The staff is friendly and attentive to all of your needs as well. The intimate interior of this bar and grill let's you really hone in on the time you're having with your group. Or, by some strike of luck, make new friends while you dine. There's a mesh of experiences waiting to unfold here at JT's Pub and Grub. What's yours? Take a dive and find out at JT's Pub and Grub.

Tin Pan Pizzeria and Saloon

(734) 699-7066
19350 Sumpter Rd
Belleville, MI 48111

Tin Pan Pizzeria and Saloon is where you want to go when you want freshly made pizza and good drinks. The bartenders here are always pouring up for you and the food is delectably affordable. Enjoy a refrshing slice of American dining at Tin Pan Pizzeria and Saloon. The pizza is always baked to where it's just right for you. This place puts good effort in the presentation of their food and drinks. For a truly gratifying bar and grill experience take a trip to Tin Pan Pizzeria and Saloon.