How late are you open?

24 hours per day.

Can I drink on the limos?

If you are of age, then yes!

Do you have hidden fees?

No, we never have hidden fees!

Where do you go?

We cover the state.

General Questions

Detroit Party Bus is a veteran in the luxury transportation industry. We offer our party buses and limousines for any kind of event you and your friends need. Providing party buses and limousines for such an extended amount of time has granted Detroit Party Bus great insights. All of the information that we've gained over time about our party buses and limousines has been taken and applied to our company for the betterment of it as a whole. The collection of knowledge we have about our party buses and limousines allows us to up the standard of everything we do for you. In all of the events we've sent our superfluous party buses and limousines to, we've dealt with countless people. Everyone has questions about things, so it's perfectly ok to be inquisitive about the finer details of your party bus or limousine.

Disenchanted employees tend to become less effective in their roles resulting in poor service quality for the consumer. Detroit Party Bus wants everyone dealing with us to have a good experience, from our employees to our clients. Keeping that in mind, we've added the main party bus and limousine questions we receive below. This way, we can continue to deliver superior service to you. Not only from expediting your party bus and limousine responses but also from keeping our employees happy and glad to service you. No one likes a stressful work environment. Although, sometimes, despite the best efforts to offer clarity, things become lost in the sauce. That same principle applies if you're unable to find your question below. We like solving problems, so there's no issue with you reaching out for help from Detroit Party Bus. Try to see if your party bus or limousine issue is addressed below. Reach out to Detroit Party Bus if you find yourself needing additional assistance with your party bus or limousine.


View common questions below or give us a call.

Browse through the following list of questions. Detroit Party Bus works hard to make sure we are clear and transparent in the way we communicate with you. If you find your party bus or limousine question below, but need further explanation, contact Detroit Party Bus.

Absolutely! As our business grows, we're able to service a larger area. You can check out an updated listing of cities we service on a regular basis on our "Where We Operate" page. Even then, the cities you'll see aren't the only ones we can provide service to. Detroit Party Bus has a very expansive service area. Party buses and limousines from us go through Detroit and places in Michigan that are further away. We're continuously updating our site to add more party buses and limousine cities to the list, as Michigan covers much ground. If you do not see your specific city or county on the "Where We Operate Page," then your best bet is to speak with Detroit Party Bus. Detroit Party Bus does not go beyond Michigan state lines. All of the party buses and limousines we have are for the state of Michigan and its many areas.

Unfortunately, we don't allow smoking of any kind to take place on our buses. Detroit Party Bus defines itself as a courier of sophisticated entertainment and luxury. That is one of the main reasons our party buses and limousines are pampered with so much finesse. We need for everyone to have an upscale and enjoyable experience on our party buses and limousines. We send our party buses and limousines to everyone who needs one, not just you. With that regard, Detroit Party Bus would appreciate it if you could do your part to help us preserve our vehicles. Everyone should be able to have a high-quality party bus or limousine to travel in. Due to the fact that smoke has a lingering smell, it can take away from the opulent image we've created. We understand that sometimes as a smoker, you need a moment to take the edge off. In the event that you feel you need a smoke break, be sure to inform your party bus or limousine driver. This way, we can protect our party buses and limousines and give you access to what you want. We have no quips against letting you smoke; you just can't do it inside your party bus or limousine.

We happen to have a huge network of companies across the US. If you're outside of the Metro Detroit area and need a party bus we highly recommend Wichita Limo Bus.

That's a great question! While our limousines have stylish interiors, much like our party buses, you cannot stand up in them. Therefore, if you're looking to party, you'll find that a party bus is the best possible mode of transportation. Our party buses are very spacious and filled with a lot of fun stuff for you. You have ample space and opportunity to let your hair down and dance or whatever else on a party bus. While you can still have a bundle of fun in a limousine, the absence of standing space limits you to seated fun. Limousines are great for elegant events where the status of your arrival counts. Party buses are perfect for parties and other festive get-togethers. The best part about it is that our party buses let you have a party before even making it to your party. Try picking your party bus or limousine based on the event you're going to and the message you want to send. That way, you can have the definitive party bus or limousine suitable for your needs.

Certainly! It wouldn't be a party bus if you couldn't, right? Alcohol is one of the things that take your party bus or limousine experience to new heights. Alcohol allows you to lower your inhibitions to where you can truly have fun while on your party bus or limousine. Let's be honest; nothing loosens you up like a couple of drinks. If you would like to drink while riding to your event, we provide what you need to make it happen. All of our party buses and limousines have bars that are coupled with cups and ice. This way, you have something to put your drinks in and keep them cool while in the party bus or limousine of your choice. We only ask that everybody in the vehicle is 21 or older before you begin drinking. You also have to bring your own alcohol. Detroit Party Bus is not equipped with a liquor license, so we're prohibited from supplying your drinks on your behalf. You'll really enjoy Detroit Party Bus's custom-built bar areas that come stocked with ice for your beverages. Get ready to have a great time with a party bus or limousine from Detroit Party Bus!

Of course not. Detroit Party Bus is giving fair treatment to our clients. We intentionally put epic features in our party buses and limousines, which can lead to unexpected results. Everything in life is subject to change, and your party bus and limousine are no exemption. In the heat of everything, there can be unprecedented outcomes. Detroit Party Bus is flexible and accommodates the ebbs and flows of change. It would be very unfair for us to charge you extra for going over your time, knowing it's likely to occur. In accordance with demonstrating fair treatment to you, we will not charge you any hidden fees for exceeding your party bus or limousine time. If the night ends up being longer than anticipated, you will pay the same hourly rate you were quoted from jump.


Detroit has a large number of people residing here and in its surrounding areas. Sometimes, the amount of party bus and limousine questions that come through becomes crazy. Detroit Party Bus is always ready and willing to tackle any concerns you may have regarding party buses and limousines. However, we want you to be rapidly serviced. On top of that, Detroit Party Bus wants to create an optimal working environment for our party bus and limousine agents. Every job anyone works are going to come with its fair share of demands and challenges. Although, candidly speaking, continuous problems create a stressful and, quite frankly, less enjoyable experience.

Questioning things is one of the ways you are led to different discoveries. In the process of setting people up with party buses and limousines, Party Bus Detroit has been asked endless questions. Some people would crack in that kind of situation. However, the depth of our experience allows us to deal with your party bus and limousine concerns with confidence. People typically don't have the exact same thought; that's very rare. However, people do have similar concerns that lead to the same or similar questions. Party Bus Detroit is very observant, as paying attention to details is a pivotal component of dealing with the public. There's somewhat of a trend in the type of questions that come our way regarding party buses and limousines. Continuous improvement is one of the staples of Detroit Party Bus. Generally speaking, there's always a better approach to everything you do in life. Gradually upgrading our performance for you allows us to remain pioneers in the party bus and limousine world.

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