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Detroit Party Bus knows what a fun drunken time can be for our clients. Detroit craft Beer is good, and also some spirits like hard ciders, too. Hands down. Detroit Party Bus and our party buses and limousines can take you to any local brewery or microbrewery that you set your sights in and share time with like-minded folks. Detroit Party Bus knows how passionate people are about the Detroit beer industry. We also know how the police love sharing DUIs in the motor city. Our party buses and limousines let you drink with all risks eliminated. Detroit Party Bus cares about our clients. It would be a tragic incident if you were to injure yourself after a night of drinking instead of having a good time in Downtown Detroit. We also don't want you to injure anyone else on the road while driving drunk from your local brewery. Detroit Party Bus and our party buses and limousines allow you to get as beer-filled as you like without any occurrences along the way, accompanied by professionals dedicated to your care. Our party buses and limousines help save lives and with many highlights to provide the best limousine service. Car accidents are not always a couple of bumps and bruises for you. Auto accidents are actually very deadly and capable of ending lives. Detroit Party Bus takes away the risk factor from your Michigan brewery tours. The only real danger you'll encounter in our party buses and limousines is not drinking enough craft beer. Detroit Party Bus fulfills your desire for a good time and sends you to all Michigan brew tours in a really fun and lavish party bus or limousine. Detroit Party Bus lets you fly through all of the distribution tiers of the beer industry and enjoy brew tours in any breweries and microbreweries that Michigan has to offer in a fancy and fun party bus or limousine. We afford all of our party bus and limousine customers, vehicles that have many highlights features are bound to surpass their expectations. Detroit Party Bus is always going above and over with everything we do with our party buses and limousines in downtown and metro Detroit. Our party buses and limousines are pretty well-defined from the inside and out and with professionals dedicated to serving excellent service.

You'll probably make plenty of drinking buddies and like-minded folks after you are seen rolling up in a party bus or limousine from Detroit Party Bus, and you'll love sharing those wonderful moments on more occasions and love learning more about the Detroit beer industry. Our party buses and limousines are attractive and rake in a lot of attention from lots of different people. You can plan amazing Michigan brew tours, and you will be the envy of walking tours, guided tours, and small-group bike tours. People who use our party buses and limousines for brewery tours are usually bound to become repeat customers. That's because our party buses and limousines are very entertaining and relaxing and create a good time and the perfect opportunity for (seemingly) endless beer. Some people who love beer also just want to repeat the blast they had the other time that they used our party buses and limousines in Detroit, Mi. We also have people who make it a personal mission to go to all of Michigan brew tours and enjoy breweries and microbreweries around the Oakland County. If you want to have one or multiple brewery tours, that's fine with us; we love sharing the love for craft beer with your guests.

Detroit Party Bus will allow you to get as smacked as you like and take you anywhere else you want to go in downtown Detroit. You can research and find some really good breweries and brew tours in Detroit, Mi. Also, you can find different places with historical significance in Oakland County and different historical themes in the motor city. You can learn about Detroit history with luxury and comfort, shake off tiredness and boredom with guided tours, and break a sweat on small-group walking and bike tours, too.

We'll help you get the party bus or limousine best suited for your needs. Also, we'll follow your itinerary down to the last detail. The beer gods have sent Detroit Party Bus into your life to grant you extremely decadent party bus and limousine services that will pamper you with luxury and class. Detroit Party Bus is an exquisite purveyor of luxury transportation for the masses of Detroit. After you figure out how many people are coming and where you're going, Detroit Party Bus can supply you with a refined party bus or limousine.

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Detroit Party Bus opens up all of the deliciously bubbly and filling beer suds that you can find in Detroit and beyond. Let Detroit Party Bus send you where you need to go in one of our supreme party buses and limousines. Remember that you can also end or start your Michigan brew tours with a tour through the Detroit River on the Detroit Princess riverboat and continue with a party on our buses. You'll want to do it every weekend until you've experienced all of the breweries in Metro Detroit or all the Oakland County in our party buses and limousines. So get your friends together and get a party bus or limousine. The party bus or limousine you get will give you total comfort and enjoyment as you and your friends hop from brewery to brewery, or maybe your partner loves sharing some spirits like a hard cider in a luxury limousine around Detroit, Mi. Detroit Party Bus features the highest pinnacle of luxury transportation available in the Metro Detroit Area. Detroit Party Bus creates a lavish encounter that will leave you craving more brew tours in downtown and metro Detroit. Enjoy the spoils of luxurious transportation with a glorious party bus or limousine from Detroit Party bus designed specifically for a good time of drinks in Detroit, Mi. Your brewery tours in Motor city will be one of the most fun experiences you'll have when dealing with Detroit Party Bus and our party buses and limousines. For something more general in Michigan, see Brew Tours in Michigan.

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