Flint Bars

Looking for a place in Flint to enjoy some nightlife? Nightlife is best enjoyed in a city that knows how to party, and Flint is certainly one of those cities. Anybody who has attended a party in Flint knows that it's a prime spot to enjoy a good time. Likewise, there are also great community events that offer a different aspect of fun, as well. If you're looking for a good time, be sure to give the following establishments a chance. These are all tried and true options for a great time in the area!

Down The Hatch Eas

629 S Dort Hwy
Flint Township, MI 48503
(810) 235-5510

If you're in the mood for a great dive bar, where there are cheap drinks and good times, be sure to try this place. The bar food is basic, but still good and tasty. It's nice, give it a try, you'll love this dive bar.

Sports Coupe Lounge

415 N Dort Hwy
Flint Township, MI 48506
(810) 244-5958

This is just a fun place to relax, chill, and hang out. Not too shabby for a chilled out Flint bar, and the drinks are always good. Give it a shot, you may like it.

White Eagle Bar And Grill

3819 Industrial Ave
Flint, MI 48505
(810) 785-4500

I know that most places offer so so bar food, but the bar food here is absolutely delicious. It's tasty, terrific, and wonderful, and so are the drinks. All in all, I love this place, it's fun, and enjoyable.

Cork On Saginaw

635 S Saginaw St
Flint Township, MI 48502
(810) 422-9625

If you're looking for a place that offers the best when it comes to delicious and wonderful intimate dining, this is it. The calamari is truly amazing, and the Wine list is spectacular. The scallops are also wonderful too, be sure to try this amazing restaurant!!


405 S Dort Hwy
Flint, MI 48503

This place is very pleasant and it has really great drinks. They also have some great live performances as well. All in all this is a great and cute little place, where you can truly enjoy yourself.

Amanda's Lounge

429 S Dort Hwy
Flint Township, MI 48503
(810) 235-7930

This is a nice place to enjoy a quiet drink, that's enjoyable and wonderful. I've chilled out here before, and it's very relaxing, peaceful, and nice. All in all, I really like it, and would recommend it as a great place for a quiet drink.